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Career Walk in Regent's Park (25th Apr '20 @10:30am, London)

While breathing in the freshness of nature we will talk about career focusing on the steps to create a balanced professional. life.

Join us for a 90-minute nature walk at Regent's Park. This special career walk in nature is guided by Melda Ekmen, a certified Executive Coach and a Psychologist.

Why a walk in nature? 

Sights, sounds, textures and smells in nature take us right into the here and now, and help us tap into the instinctive, intuitive and creative part of our being.

Why walk and talk about career? 

Movement and tapping into our creativity help us adopt a fresh perspective which we rarely can find in a work context. While having a conversation on the steps for a fulfilling career (Self-awareness – Exploration – Decision – Action) you will have the opportunity to explore possibilities that resonate with you.

Regardless of where you are at in your career you are welcome to join us. Fresh graduates to professionals close to retirement are all invited to join the conversation. We believe that everyone has got wisdom to share and we would like to facilitate that.

Besides Melda's professional guidance sharing stories from influential people in the business world will be part of the walk.

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Mira Consulting and Coaching

Melda, has been running her own business in London since 2013. She provides Executive Coaching to individuals and Leadership Development Consultancy to corporates. She believes that everyone deserves a fulfilling career and should feel empowered to build the path that speaks to them. Her approach is built on integrity, truth-telling, compassion and light-heartedness. Melda’s corporate experience comes from large organisations like L’Oreal Group in different countries and Danone UK&Ireland.

Mira Consulting & Coaching Career Community brings together career seekers to find purpose in their professional life. This community meets through walks, talks and online.

For more information about Melda Ekmen and her work please visit . On Linkedin, search for Mira Consulting & Coaching - Career Community.

Refresh Yourself is an established events organisation and the official partner of Mira C&C that brings its events to life.

We look forward to seeing you at this refreshing event!


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