• Melda Ekmen

When you fall in love with your career (for 35+)

Done the hard work, got the titles, visited companies and countries. And now what?

This is time for real love... Love for your career..

Since you left behind all the 'proving yourself' bit you can now feel OK with looking into your heart and the purpose sitting there waiting for your attention.

Fulfillment at work is what I am drawn into, maybe because I am now fulfilled and loving how amazing that feels.. And now, I selfishly want the rest of the world to feel the same, in fact I am longing for it for everyone who has that confused mind and heart for their careers.

What is 'feeling fulfilled' in your career?

You know that you are in the right place with the right people. And if you are with the wrong people, you do not mind or take charge to find the right ones. You listen to people because you want to, you speak faster and potentially louder when you are talking about your work.

You want to make things happen, in fact, you cannot wait to make them happen. You are aware of and happy with where you are when you think about the future. You do not worry about the future because you can see and feel the transparent path between your heart and the future although it might not be crystal clear. And you feel pulled forward from your heart and not from your head.

Are you not there yet? So, maybe it is time to leave those bitter conversations and resentments behind and get your butt off that chair and start looking for love, love for your career...


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