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Newsletter (June 2020)

I hope by now you have found the ways to navigate the unexpected changes we are  experiencing, you are able to manage the new challenges and made the most of the opportunities that popped up in your professional or personal life.

As I mentioned in the April Newsletter every two months I will continue to share with youfree online events,online workshops,individual coaching programmesshort blogs and relevant updates.

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This is a bi-monthly free and online event where you can join as many times as you like to rethink your career and stay focused on the progression or change you are aiming for. Next event is on Tuesday 9th June at 5pm BST. Watch the invitation video here

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This is for the ones who want to dive deep into re-building their career and work with others in a small group. Early bird ticket until 15th July. - Four participants/online workshop - One 45 min intro session+ Three 90-min. sessions + One 60-min individual coaching - Dates: September (2, 5, 12, 19, 26)

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CAREER REBOOT Individual Coaching

Individual career coaching programme for the ones who are ready to take charge in their career and start a new chapter (Mindset and/or career change). - Phone or video calls - Eight 60-min. sessions over 4 months - Dates: To be decided with the coachee

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CAREER REBOOT Affordable Workshops

While we are sailing through uncertainty some upskilling opportunities can serve well - especially when they come at an affordable price (£12/Workshop, £25/CV Clinic).

Career Reboot: Start with Self Immaculate CV CV Clinic 1:1 (booked by email) Impressive Interviews Networking for Success Managing Conflict at Work

Meaningful collaborations

- You can watch the 'Act of Kindness: Being kind to yourself and to your colleagues' webinar where I have been a panelist and was hosted by InsideOut, an organisation that  is committed to making mental health support more accessible.  - You can read my article How can you change your career? published on Chiswick Herald, a local newspaper. - I look forward to running the Zoom Into Career workshop on 18th June that will be hosted by Refresh Yourself, an events organisation that supports individuals' and organisations' personal and professional development through workshops and events.


I am delighted to be a Volunteer Coach for the these two initiatives: - Mandela Mile Leadership Programme where young leaders step forward to bring good to the world through different initiatives that are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. - Project5 that is committed to providing the NHS staff in the UK with self-care support following the experience they have gone through Covid19. Project5 volunteers are working hard to spread the word to help the NHS staff benefit from this volunteer support. Feel free to spread the word in your network if relevant.

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Melda Ekmen, PCC (about me)

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