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Clients & testimonials


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Galya Wells

Principle Banker, EBRD

"In 2014 I engaged Mira Consulting & Coaching to design and run a series of seminars "Assert Yourself" for a recently established women network at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Mira Consulting's proposal was selected based on a competitive process. It was the best proposal in terms of content and value and when Melda ran a pilot it was very well received with 95% of participants saying they would recommend the course to a friend. Consequently Melda ran a series of 4 seminar for us, 3 in London and 1 in Istanbul, all very well received. Melda's style as a trainer and a coach is built upon her international work experience and reflects her appreciation of diversity and understanding of cultural differences, which is invaluable for a modern organisation. She is insightful yet hands-on, energetic and pragmatic, and a pleasure to interact with. I would highly recommend Melda for any coaching and training assignments."

Torsten Mack

Founder and Commercial Director, The Aurora Group

"As a fast growing new company and start-up we were looking for a consultant to assist us with team building and creating effective and cohesive team dynamics. Following a competitive process, we picked Mira Consulting and Coaching. Melda stood out through her experience, expertise, approach and her ability to adapt the format of the sessions to our needs to ensure best outcomes, whilst also providing the best proposal in terms of value. Melda structured the training into 2 group sessions and a number of individual coaching sessions, which were very well received and very effective and have helped us tremendously in how we build teams and interact as a team. Furthermore, Melda is very organized and personable with a high level of enthusiasm and energy, which is infectious and creates buy-in and engagement. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for any coaching and training assignments.”

On coaching...

"I had always been curious about what personal coaching would do for me and I began working with Melda when I felt that I had reached a plateau in my career. Melda took a holistic approach and helped me to review all aspects of my life and more importantly what I valued and encouraged me to re-connect with my authentic self - this allowed me to reappraise my goals and what was important to me. Going through this process gave me clarity about what I wanted and from there I was able to make better decisions. Throughout the time that I worked with Melda she challenged me to challenge myself and as a result I have a higher level of self awareness which has helped me to sustain the momentum that coaching created. I would highly recommend Melda, she is a thoughtful and insightful coach who helped me reappraise my goals and how to achieve them."

HR Director, age 45, UK

"I really enjoyed a series of sessions with Melda and got a lot out of it. The 6 sessions were a combination of introspection, dialogue and exercises and games. While light hearted, some led to profound realisations. One of my favourite parts was working through the pre-work sheet with 28 “big questions” caused me to think about important questions that I have not considered before – not something I can say given my passion for the field of applied psychology and years of experience with books and training! Melda’s style is very professional, expectations managed clearly, I always knew what we were doing and why. Melda’s flexible approach meant each new session was building on the previous one and contents were tailor made. I have already recommended Melda to a few friends and would do again."

Commercial Manager, age 33, UK

"Melda is a very effective coach with a warm and engaging style. Melda always finds the right balance between support and challenge. If you are looking for a coach that will help you to get to where you want to go, she is the right coach for the job. I cannot recommend her enough."

Civil servant, age 37, UK

"Melda played a great role in how I see work today in relation to my family and social life. I suffered greatly from a lack of work/life balance and was very impatient to change my career path before I met her. That all changed after our sessions.  I came to realisations about myself and I realised how it felt good to take things in control and not to be a victim of my circumstances.  I found it very easy to open up to her and it felt like talking to a friend. I have already started to implement the ideas that we discussed, and as a result, am very confident and satisfied now in my personal and professional life."

Company director, age 43, UK

"Going through the coaching process has helped me to focus and re-focus on my priorities, to determine my goals and to find out what I need to do to get nearer to reaching these goals. Melda helped me to ask the right questions and pointed me the direction towards finding the answers to them. Melda is a very inspiring, honest and open person who has the special talent of making you feel at ease very quickly and who makes you open up and willing to cooperate. She has the ability to really listen to you and to what you have to say and to hear indeed what you say. She gently puts you to the right track if you feel lost in your own soul-searching and reminds you to your common task. She is efficient without forgetting to be emphatic at the same time, understanding and firm – the best coach one can wish for. Her HR background adds an other dimension and an other layer of depth to her particular mix of abilities to the benefit of her coachees."
Journalist/Broadcaster/Writer, age 58, Hungary

"Working with Melda has truly been an eye-opening experience. I was lost in a whirlwind of doubts as to where my professional life should go next. Through her career coaching, Melda helped me map out, prioritize and organize my approach towards work as well as life (which I find both to be closely linked). Using extremely practical methods and coaching tactics, she would pose highly challenging questions and suggestions which constantly persuade me to contemplate situations from a wide range of views, allowing me to understand the key factors which influence my life and my career. She would then give me highly constructive feedback from a range of perspectives that encouraged me to visualize potential situations from completely different angles. This allowed me to take decisions that perhaps I would not of seen before, had I not had the coaching presented in this way. I can certainly say that there is a before and an after to the way in which I now structure my thinking and initiatives. With only a few sessions, I was already starting to understand what it was I needed in order to take the decision I deemed opportune for the goals I set myself. Melda is an extremely clear, constructive and proactive coach, who holds the determination and confidence of challenging one´s thoughts and feeding fresh points of view to one's vision. Through we have now finalized our official career coaching sessions, I have no doubt that I will contact Melda in the future, as challenges and questions arise in my personal and professional life."
Marketing Coordinator, age 28, Spain

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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