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Learning & Development Strategy

Get your teams understand and embrace learning as a vital part of business transformation.

With the pace of technology and the changes that the businesses are going through we know that agility and resilience are the key skills that most organisations, if not all, would like to see more of in their workforce. However, behaviour change does not happen by just introducing a set of workshops within budget.

Organisations need to proactively identify their learning strategy, get their employees' buy-in and implement the learning strategy in line with the business strategy.

If we do not see the need, we do not change... How can organisations get their employees' buy-in, decide which learning activities and tools to implement and for whom?

Mira Consulting & Coaching can help you identify the gaps in your learning strategy and implement a meaningful one.

We can offer you collaboration in the following areas:

- Identifying a long-term and meaningful learning strategy in line with your business strategy, working with the leadership teams

- Identifying new or improving the existing leadership and functional competency frameworks

- Increasing efficiencies through budget and vendor management

- Identifying and measuring the skill gaps in your organisation

- Learning approaches that fit with your organisational culture

- Identifying and implementing the learning activities and interventions that will help your teams deliver on the business strategy

- Learning tools to leverage or implement that suit your teams' learning needs (office teams, field teams, shift workers and etc.)

Executive Coaching

You are in the room or not, you do have an impact on other people. Make it a positive one with individual coaching.

It is not hard to admit that the most effective support is individual and customised support. 

It is becoming less and less common or possible to create the time and space to reflect on our experiences and build effective strategies as leaders for better business results, career and life. 

We hold the perspective that we are all leaders as we all lead something, at the very least our lives.

We are as successful as the impact we have on other people and our lives...

By reflecting on ourselves, how we are operating and how we are responding to the situations and people around us we are forming our leadership identity in and outside work. 

Mira Consulting and Coaching can offer you individual coaching sessions to help you build your authentic leadership identity that will enable you to make the right business decisions, career and life choices that are aligned with your sense of self.

If you had coaching in the past and know someone who had it before you will appreciate that sessions can cover a wide range of topics, objectives and perspectives to work with.

Below are the typical focus areas for coaching:

- Developing and expressing a leadership identity

- Leading teams to increase motivation and performance

- Becoming an effective line manager, for first time and experienced managers 

- Managing difficult relationships at work

- Career progression

- Improving wellbeing at work

Team Development

Help your teams develop the skills that are relevant to the business strategy and increase individual performance. 

There has never been a time the teams and their dynamics changed so quickly.

Changing structures of organisations to meet the demands of this era, career development, career mobility and personal career and life choices lead the teams to go through change constantly. Whilst adapting to this change it is becoming more and more challenging to maintain team performance and morale.

Everyone wants to have great team members around them but our understanding of this can change as we are all unique individuals.

What matters is to be able to find the agreed way of being together in the team for collective performance and organisational success.

Mira Consulting and Coaching can help you achieve this through providing you with consultancy for team development.

Below are some examples of the areas we can focus on while working with your teams:

- Identifying the functional strategy for the team

- Setting up a new team and team contracting

- Agile working: Revisiting ways of working in the team for efficiency, adaptability and collaboration

- Skills development: Identifying, training and improving the skills needed for team and individual success.

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