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Career Community

Mira Consulting and Coaching's Career Community is a community for people who are looking to feel like home in their career.

This is a safe space where everyone can share their career experiences and ask their burning or philosophical questions to each other. Here, you really can speak your mind and be yourself - just yourself.

We strongly believe that regardless of your level of experience you have a lot to give because you are unique. We want to hear your wisdom, the lessons you gained throughout your career and life. There will always be people who might benefit from your wisdom and you might benefit from theirs. So why not exchange with purpose and no expectation. You may end up feeling like home in your career.

How do we connect?

Through an online network on Linkedin, walks and talks...


If you haven't already join us here. Share your wisdom, questions, concerns, articles and events that other career seekers might find useful. Please help us protect the purpose of this community by sharing what is relevant and by being respectful and kind to other members. Remember that we are all unique and different opinions can only enrich our thought process.


In 2020 we will have a career walk on a Saturday in April that will end up at a pub where we can have a complementary drink and continue to chat. Feel free to come alone or with friends (dogs are welcome!). 

Saturday 25th April 2020 from 10:30am - 12pm, central London. Event details and registration link will be added here soon.



In 2020 we will have a career talk on a Tuesday in September followed by networking. 

Tuesday 15th September 2020 from 6-7:30pm, central London. Topic: Busy Careers and Mental Health. Event details and registration link will be added here soon.

If you have requests or feedback about our events please send us an email at

Thank you for your interest and feedback. We look forward to seeing you at our events.

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